Let’s face it, kids like to eat crayons. Embrace the inevitable with crayons made from all-natural and non-toxic ingredients!


Mizuiro Rice Crayons are made from rice oil, rice wax and...vegetables! Leaves and trimmings that would otherwise be wasted are used to create each crayon’s completely natural and organic pigment.


This set of 16 features cabbage, leek, yam, burdock, corn, snow carrot, apple, cassis, purple potato and bamboo charcoal.


Safe for Kids & cool for Adults!


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Pack of 16 Colors: 

  • Grey, White, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow Green, Yellow, Pale Orange, Orange, Red, Pink, Ochre, Brown, Dark Brown, Black.



13.7cm x 19.2cm x 2cm






  • rice oil & rice wax
  • organic vegetable pigments

No oil-based wax!


Made in Japan

All-Natural Rice Crayons 16 color-pack, Mizuiro

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