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Discover our curated selection of sustainable designer brands from all over the world. Bringing you certified organic & natural products produced under ethical and fair-trade conditions.
Our designer brands are selected for the highest quality, sustainability and design. Our goal is not to carry all the sustainable brands, but only those that we love and truly stand by for their exceptional quality from manufacturing to end product.

AMBOSSTOYS - Switzerland

Ambosstoys is the creation of classic car aficionados Elisha Ruesch and Nguyen Nguyen. Combining classic Italian Design with finest craftsmanship to create a timeless ride on scooter for 1 to 5 years old boys & girls, and design lovers.

Part collector’s item, part toy, this replica of the classic Italian Vespa is guaranteed to win over both kids and grownups!

ROMEO - ROSE1.jpeg

Designed to last, Petit Picotin products are timeless, spanning siblings and spanning the years.

Petit Picotin uses materials that respect both children and the planet: all products are made of French linen and organic cotton. Each product is available in a range of soft, delicate colours and customizable.

PETIT PICOTIN has become in 5 years an essential reference in the children's world!

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NOFRED - Denmark

Scandinavian Design Children's Furniture. Nofred believes in good designs that tell a story, that is iconic, playful and of high quality, but most importantly can be used in everyday life. 

Nofred makes furniture & accessories, which last for generations and moves away from a throw-away culture, for a Sustainable Furniture.


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Once Kids' environmentally-friendly wooden toys are durable, safe for children to use, and perfect for promoting cognitive development while inspiring creativity.

Once Kids are educational toys designed to complement classroom lessons and promote cognitive development in your little learners. 

Made from biodegradable materials like FSC-certified solid wood and bamboo.

Marta Puglia_MORPHEE 2020_HD.JPG
MORPHEE - France

Screen-free meditation, relaxation, and sleep devices created with the guidance of sleep & wellness professionals to help you and your little one get a better night's sleep.

Morphée can be used at home or be taken with you when you travel to work or for holidays. 

Find your inner peace with Morphée.

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jump rope 1.jpeg

Sustainable toys from yesterday and always.

Made in Barcelona.
They could be toys fro
m your parents or grandparents, because playing has no expiration date and no gender roles. Without batteries and without instructions.
Let’s play! 

NUUKK - Germany

Nuukk's founder, Andrea Hild, has illustrated and collaborated with other illustrators to create a beautiful line of vegan & organic kids temporary tattoos. Nuukk attaches great importance to sustainability. This is reflected in the choice of materials: plastic free,  recycled paper packaging. 

Bear Sand.jpeg
MOONIE - Poland

Moonie Organic Collection - the only humming toys made of organic cotton with a GOTS certificate. Moonie Bears have soothing sounds which ensure your little one has a restful night’s sleep and a built-in lamp, which helps with baby's night care and older children to overcome the fear of the dark. 

DSC_3730 pink.jpg

Bodi Loves is elevating children's swimwear and essentials into a new realm of sustainable, attainable luxury.

The brand was founded with the mission to simplify choices and influencer positive change in our industry. We aim to create well-made and beautiful pieces that our little customers are sure to use and love for a long time.

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Bikini Indy 3.jpg
MRS EARTHA - Portugal

A brand that started with the desire of a full-time mother to make her daughters' room the perfect place for them to play and dream. She started by designing just a few paintings to decorate walls and when she realized she created unique and timeless collections that gave recognition to the brand around the world. Sustainable pieces for the youngest and adults alike. 

Kids Bikes
Balance Bikes

The Dutch Style Bicycle with a modern look. Comfortable, stylish and high quality - Adam Bikes provides bicycles for the whole family!

Adam Bike was founded by Stefanie and Florien, two Dutch mums in Dubai, with the aim to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle in the UAE.