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As babies come in many different sizes, this table is a guide only.

Need help? Contact us we are happy to help you selecting the correct size for your child.


Nature Baby



Nature Baby Size Guide


Natural fibers do not require complicated care.

  • Check the care labels of individual garments.

  • If in doubt always use the cooler more gentle method of washing.

  • Use non-toxic cleaning agents.

  • Organic fibers are not treated with anti-crease agents, so BEDDING items may require a light iron after washing if desired.

  • Organic wool does not contain and anti-shrink agent and requires cold washing as individual instructions indicate.

  • Please note that none of our garments have been treated with fire retardant agents. Unlike polyesters, natural fibers such as wool and cotton are naturally fire resistant. However for obvious reasons, garments should be kept away from fire.

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