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Natures Sway baby beds give continuous comfort through the gentle motion created by the care-giver or the baby's own movement, allowing baby to sleep peacefully through the night.


High Quality Baby Beds by Natures Sway

Newborns the world over have been enjoying the comfort of Natures Sway natural baby hammock since 1993. This traditional baby bed encourages easy sleep with a gentle bouncing motion and curved line that will minimize pressure on your infant's developing spine and cranial bones. Baby will stay safely on their back in a cocoon-like environment with good air-flow. The slightly raised position of the head and shoulders is helpful to prevent or ease reflux. The Natures Sway baby hammock is an easily portable alternative to the bassinet. 


The baby hammocks have a natural New Zealand wool mattress, which will keep your little one dry and snug in colder climates or cool in warmer ones due to its superior breathability.


It's easily suspended from any ceiling, beam or door frame. All metal parts are marine grade stainless steel aside from the specially designed steel wire spring which provides the signature gentle bounce Natures Sway is so well known for.  

Place the baby hammock near to the parent’s bed for regular supervision at night, and move it to the living area during the day without compromising baby’s tranquility. The door clamp enables you to take this amazingly portable baby bed with you when visiting friends and family, and when on holiday. 


Natures Sway organic baby hammocks are created from 45% organic cotton 55% hemp blended fabric, with a breathable New Zealand wool mattress that draws moisture away from the baby's body providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer.


This organic baby hammock pack also includes an organic cotton knit sheet and a mattress cover made of a synergistic blend of 45% organic cotton 55% hemp which combines beautifully with the lovely New Zealand wool. Both wool and hemp have water absorbency properties that will help keep baby's temperature regulated meaning they will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Your pack contains everything you need to get started! 

1 x carry bag
x organic cotton hemp blend baby hammock 
1x D-shackle

1 x natural wool mattress
1 x spring with cover and safety strap
1 x 0.5m (19.6") stainless steel chain with karabiners
2 x coach-eye ceiling screws
1 x door clamp

1 x wooden beam
1 x organic cotton knit fitted sheet
1 x instruction booklet


  • encourages easy sleep with a gentle bouncing motion.
  • easily suspended from any ceiling, beam or door frame.
  • an easily portable alternative to the bassinet.
  • Supports weight up to 15 kg (33 lbs).
  • Made ethically and sustainably in New Zealand.

Organic Hammock Baby Bed - Natures Sway

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