The perfect fist bed for your baby! 


Made from Organic 55% hemp, 45% cotton, grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides - GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.


Hammocks have been used for centuries to keep babies safe and nearby their caregivers. The hammock’s natural contours keep babies on their back, and the gentle movement is known to be a very calming and familiar feeling, reminding them of being carried by their mother. Read more here.


Buying a Nature’s Sway baby hammock gives you confidence that your baby is sleeping peacefully, in a bed made with all natural materials of the highest quality. Read more here.


The Hammock
This baby hammock is constructed from an organic, unbleached cotton/hemp blend fabric. Hand-made in New Zealand, each hammock is carefully checked, to ensure the highest standards are always met. Please be aware, your hammock's exact shade may vary slightly from the hammock pictured.


The Mattress
All Nature's Sway baby hammocks come with a specially designed wool mattress, made from New Zealand wool, which naturally regulates your babies temperature, and is naturally flame resistant.


The Hardware
All Nature's Sway hardware components come from the highest quality sources. The Spring has been thoroughly tested and has zero initial tension, which means it will not snap shut on the re-bound, giving our hammock a much more gentle and flowing motion. Each spring also has a safety strap securely attached, which prevents the spring from over-extending. The chain, swivel clip, karabiners and hooks are all marine-grade stainless steel.


Your Nature's Sway Organic Baby Hammock will include:

  • One organic cotton/hemp blend baby hammock 
  • One Natural wool mattress covered with organic cotton/hemp fabric
  • One spring
  • One 0.5m (19.6") stainless steel chain with two karabiners
  • Two coach-eye ceiling screws
  • One door clamp
  • One wooden beam
  • One organic cotton knit fitted sheet
  • An instruction booklet
  • One Hammock carry bag


The baby hammock is designed to provide a gentle curve for your new born baby, however, as baby gets older they may require a stiffener underneath the mattress to make the hammock base firmer and more open. These are recommended for babies 4kgs and over and are sold separately.


Always observe all safety instructions. When a child is able to roll, sit, kneel or pull themselves up, the hammock is no longer safe and should not be used.


Download Organic Baby Hammock Instructions here


Handmade in New Zealand

Organic Hammock Baby 1st Bed - Natures Sway

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